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Large A+ Color Jessenia Hawaiian Pothos Plant (Actual Plant First Photos)

Jessenia Pothos is our favorite color changing plant here at the nursery. New leaves begin lemon in color with a splattering of lime and darken to a stunning green on green mottling. Relatively short node spacing makes it a great choice for indoor growing in hanging baskets or on your sunny windowsill. Please note that leaves will vary on the degree of variegation and some side shoots may have no variegation at all. Simple Trick: to cure this issue and maintain a well variegated plant simply trim the unvariegated vines just after the last variegated leaf and the new shoots should be variegated. Shopping Tip: Don’t buy cuttings, the new shoots are usually not going be variegated. Don’t buy Jessenia plants unless they are extremely variegated like the ones offered here.
Pot Size: 4x4x9" Deep
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Verified: This plant has been grown to maturity. (Must See) video/photos below.
The item you are purchasing is the actual plant shown in the first photos in the gallery. It may have grown or lost a leaf since it was photographed, we list plants within a few days of picture taking and ship as quickly as possible. Though it rarely happens, some plants may experience some browning once shipped.

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