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It is taking a little longer than expected for the two of us to get these exciting new aroids photographed and loaded to the server, it now looks like sometime the week of April 26 for sure.
Whipple Way, Joepii, Red Moon, Sharonia, Strawberry Shake, 30+ Anthuriums and so much more.
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HOL-JRS-4.0J3-1s Jade Red Stem Elephant Ear (homalomena rubescens) #0J3-1s


Stunning ribbed, jade green leaves adorn the elephant ear shaped leaves. Glowing red long stems emerge from the base with occasional darker thin lines of maroon. Given ample space this ornate plant can grow to heights of 1 to 2 feet tall with a similar spread. This is a great plant for smaller gardens or containers. This large leaf plant makes an excellent container plant as well as a beautiful landscape plant for the tropical garden.

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