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Without all of you, none of this would be possible. We are humbled by your kind comments and support.
We will be opening again in fall 2021. During the summer we will be diligently working on propagation and doing our absolute best to provide a larger inventory and several new varieties when we have our next event.
All the best, Ken & Pam

Remusatia Vivipara Hitchhiker Elephant Ear Plant in 4” Pot

Tropical and exotic elephant ear shaped leaves are a beautiful green with wrinkles and deep veins. A fairly compact species the plant forms clumps of 2 to 3 foot tall foliage. Late summer brings shafts of small bulbils adorned with hooks to assist in “catching a ride” on passersby, giving it the nickname of Hitchhiker Elephant ear.

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We are back to propagation for the next release event. (Late summer 2021)
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