XL 35″ Aroid Grow Kit Grow (PPS Pot, Pole & Soil)


    All you need to get started.

  • The Aroid Jungle Pot XL: Height/ Width: 6.25″/ 7.25″ These easy-clean ceramic pots are scratch and chip resistant, unlike terracotta they hold water in to prevent your soil from drying out. Remember, these pots are sealed, so do not over water. You can add a layer of fine pebbles to allow for drainage. Plant care is pretty simple, just water when dry.
  • Coco Grow Poles 34″: We have been using these same poles here at the nursery for the past 4 years with great success. Vining Aroids seem to root to the poles very quickly and grow much faster when allowed to climb.
  • High Porosity Aroid Soil 1 Gallon: Our blend is a soil free mix of Perlite, Pine Bark, Florida Sand, and other natural components. We have been using this blend in our nursery for over 25 years, it both retains moisture and drains very well while providing nutrients for the plants. When the fresh soil arrives, we bag it in 4 mill gallon size bags.

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XL 35″ Aroid Grow Kit Grow (PPS Pot, Pole & Soil)

Out of stock