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Caribbean Blue Stem Banana Tree (variegated dna 2x2x3″ pot)


(Exclusive, Limited) HUGE and cold hardy! Our highly variegated (Thai Variegated Banana #MUS-TVS) produced this very unusual glaucous blue trunked seedling sports. Caribbean Blue Stem is a extremely fast growing beast that can produce a ten plant clump of 20 inch thick trunked, 20 – 22 feet tall bananas in a year or two. These plants are from seed and may have mild variegation or none at all. Incredibly cold hardy, tall, fast growing, seeded and delicious. Here at the nursery we have hit 18 degrees, plants obviously suffered leaf burn, however due to it’s thick insulating stem, fresh new leaves appeared after the first week of above freezing temps. rarely offeredPot Size: 2.25 x 2.25 x 3" Deep Square.
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The item you are purchasing is similar to the plants shown in the last photos in the gallery. It may be larger or smaller and have a different leaf count. No two plants are identical however plants grow quickly here in the nursery and are often shipped larger than the ones depicted here. Variegation will vary.

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