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FAQ,  How do you grow such large, beautiful specimens?
Our actual plants undergo an intricate process of propagation, where they are carefully divided from their mother plant and then placed into individual pots. This happens in a humidity chamber, a controlled environment that allows them to adjust without experiencing any wilting. This initial step is crucial as it sets up the plants for a healthy start. After they’ve rooted and comfortably adjusted to their new pots, they are transferred to a dedicated area in our nursery designed with optimal conditions for them to reach their full potential. Here, they continue to grow and develop until they’ve established a strong root system and fresh leaves start to emerge. This indicates that they are ready for a new home. Although this meticulous process may take us between 3 to 6 months, we believe that the wait is well worth it. It’s a journey of patience and care, but it ensures that you receive a beautiful, large plant that is robust and prime condition.
Why we recommend more mature plants.
1) Imagine
how our fully grown, elegant plants can instantly uplift the look of your home, saving you the years of patient nurturing usually needed to achieve such beauty. We offer an array of very rare, unique large floor plants and mid-sized coffee table plants, perfect for adding a touch of greenery to any room in your house. It’s all about making your space feel like home, but with a touch of nature’s charm!
2) Improve the allure of your boutique or plant shop
Improve the allure of your boutique or plant shop instantly by displaying large, unique plants unfamiliar to your customers. This strategy significantly boosts the visual interest and element of surprise in your store. Ensure these plants are positioned in a conspicuous, high traffic location for optimal effect.
3) Resellers and Home Propagator
In the realm of plant propagation, the size of the mother plant plays a significant role in the overall success and efficiency of the process. Larger plants can yield larger propagates, thereby leading to healthier and more robust new plants. Additionally, these larger parent plants have a faster recovery rate from propagation cuts, and they bud out more quickly than their smaller counterparts. This is an important consideration for resellers and home propagators aiming for better propagation results.
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